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Despite it being a 1.5 hour round trip, I would rather not go away/change my holiday dates than have to take my cat, Kitty, elsewhere. Kitty has been going to Padside 2/3 times a year for the past 14 years (sometimes for many weeks at a time) and always comes home well looked after and with no signs of stress at all. I highly recommend Padside Cattery to anyone who properly cares about their cat.
Fiona Aston, Leeds

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Marmers and Gizmo
I have two lovely black male cats who have very special needs which are always met by Jill at Padside Cattery. One cat has diabetes, which entails an insulin injection twice a day, and the other cat is on diet food and has now been diagnosed with kidney problems. I am always happy to leave them in Gill's care and they settle in well, making friends with the resident geese, swans, hens, cats and other animals. The cattery is situated in a lovely part of the Yorkshire countryside and the whole atmosphere within the cattery is one of calm and professional care. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gill's cattery to anyone who truly cares about the physical and emotional welfare of their cat and after several years of searching, I believe I have found a 'home from home' for my boys!